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The newest generation of Garrett turbocharger / 871389-5010S

A real evolution of the GTX turbos

Garrett now launches a new line of turbochargers that are close to the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers - the G25 series. The special features are:

- Forged and machined compressor wheel of the latest generation with up to 15% more flow (than the GTX series, Gen II series) on 60mm wheels and even 30% more flow on 67mm compressor wheels
- Highflow compressor housing with optional connection for the speed sensor
- Turbine wheel made of Mar-M (up to 1050° C resistant) with 15 to 20% more flow
- Stainless steel turbine housing resistant up to 1050° C
- Exhaust housings with V-band inlet and V-band outlet
- CHRA with V-band to be twisted individually
- Double ceramic ball bearings
- 4 water connection ports
- Double seal on the piston rings
- Right and left rotating turbochargers available.

Power range: Up to 660HP
Engine capacity: 1,4 up to 3,0l

Notice: Rotation is clockwise!
Turbo inlet flange: V-Band
Turbo outlet flange (downpipe flange): V-Band

Compressor facts:
Inlet: 54.00mm
Outlet: 67.00mm
Trim: 65
A/R Valuet: 0.70

Turbine facts:
Inlet: 54.00mm
Outlet: 49.00mm
Trim: 84
A/R value: 0,72

Right and left rotation direction:
The absolute novelty of the GTX Gen II turbocharger was naturally adopted in the G-Series. The G-Turbos are also available as reverse rotating turbochargers.



All G compressor wheels are CFD designed, forged and milled from special, high strength aluminum alloys. The new G-Series compressor wheels achieve 15% more airflow on 60mm wheels and 30% more on the 67mm wheels than the GTX Gen II compressor wheels.
Compressor housing:
The new aero-optimized high-flow compressor housings with integrated mounting for optional speed measuring sensors are adapted to the new G-series compressor wheels. The generation I improved recirculation systems have been adopted in the G-Series and significantly extend the operating range of the compressor by shifting the surge line.
All Garrett G CHRA's are equipped with 4-port water cooling. So 2 connections can be selected on each side. This considerably facilitates the installation of the water pipes and hoses. And of course the G-Series comes with a double ceramic ball bearing like the Gen II. New is the double piston ring seal on both sides.
The new tubrine wheels are made of the high-performance material Mar-M. This material withstands exhaust gas temperatures up to 1050° C. Here too, 15-20% more exhaust gas flow was achieved with the same wheel dimensions compared to the GTX turbocharger.
Turbine housing:
The exhaust housings are cast from a special stainless steel alloy which also withstands up to 1050° C. Currently the turbine housings are only available with V-band flanges and without wastegate. In the future, all other flange patterns and internal wastegate options will also be available here.

GARRETT G25-660 TURBOCHARGER 0.72 A/R V-BAND / V-BAND / 871389-5010S


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