Made in-house using Type 44 Automotive wire and Taped with loom tape.


Ideal if your coils are to be mounted on the side of the engine where the aircon pump used to be. (if you are mounting them elsewhere you may need different wire lengths, please ask)


Relay and fuse holders included. 


Connector for the coil amplifier will need to be de-pinned and re-pinned into a new type connector.


Coil connectors are not included, Either these need to be posted to me (if you have bought your coils already), If you are buying coils from me then no problems. Or you can pay more for me to supply connectors.


Please find Installation Guide here

Extra diagrams for installation can be supplied if needed.

Mazda RX7 FD3S Coil upgrade wiring loom for AEM Smart Coils, Basic


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