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A complete 'drop-on' wiring loom and ECU solution, for the Astra H VXR to be able to use an EMU Black Standalone ECU.


Running a standalone ECU enables the ability to have more control over tuning the OEM ECU.

Meaning the things that were a struggle or a compromise previously, such as MAF Delete, are easily achieved. 


The use of additional sensors can easily be achieved, The wiring loom has spares built in ready for, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp, EGT, Flex Fuel. 


The Onboard MAP sensor in the EMU Black is used for the main Load reference, and A wideband Lambda sensor is used to measure fuelling. Stock IAT, CLT, CAM, Crank and Knock sensors are all used. 


The CANBUS Support enables us to be able con control the Dashboard of the Astra and even Use some of the switch functinality inside the car, to make changes to the ECU modes, such as High/low boost, Anti-lag, etc.


Whats Included:

-EMU Black ECU

-Custom Made Wiring loom

-Wideband Lambda Sensor

-Base file.


Please see the Brief Video Explaining the product. Here


And a customers review Here

Astra H VXR Plug and Play EMU Black Package


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