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The first and most advanced CAN-based transmission controller for controlling BMW’s 8HP/DCT transmissions.

Retains OEM transmission control module inside the transmission

OEM drivability in all driving situations

All safety functions working

No soldering -> no risk of damaging hardware

Built-in Flasher for unlocking the transmission immobilizers -> no need to spend extra money/time on unlocking

Supported transmissions

1st Generation BMW F-Series 8HP transmissions (45/70/90)

2nd Generation BMW F-Series 8HP transmissions (50/75)

2nd Generation BMW G-Series 8HP transmissions (50/75)

2nd Generation BMW F-Series DCT transmissions (GS7D36SG/GS7D70SG)

1st Generation BMW E-Series DCT transmissions (GS7D36SG)

Supported ECUs

BMW E6/7/8/9x

E46 MS43/EDC16







SCS Delta

…and many more

Full support description and requirements


Package Contents

CANTCU Control Unit

24-pin Connector and pins

USB-A to USB-B cable

4x 120 ohm terminating resistors


NOTE: The product may or may not be permitted for road use in your country. If you’re unsure, please verify before buying.

CANTCU 8hp and DCT Transmission Controller


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