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This is the Full kit to swap your FD3S RX7 to AEM Smart coils.


AEM Smart Coils are widely used in the Rotary world to get a more consistant and stronger spark. Due to the surface discharge spark plugs that the Rotary engine needs to run, other coils cant generate enough energy to achieve this.


It includes:

1 x Coil Mount (Mounts 4 coils in the Air Con location)

4 x AEM Smart Coils

4 x 8mm Red HT Leads

1 x Hardware Kit

1 x Wiring Loom

1 x Instruction Sheet (Also available to download HERE )


Usually the wiring looms are in stock, but may have to be made to order, you will be informed of this at your time of purchase.

FD3S Full AEM Coil Conversion Kit


    Polite Notice - Due to the current situation, we have suspended International Shipping, Please send an email to get a quote.

    Excl VAT

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